Adnan Veli KUVANLIK  

Adnan Veli Kuvanlık, A-Fiap

Mr.Kuvanlık graduated from Gazi University in Ankara in 1980. He started photography in 1983. His first solo exhibition "Çalışan İnsan" (Working Man), was held in the Afsad Photo Club in Ankara in 1989. This was followed by "Çevre ve İnsan" (Men and his Environment). In the UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) building in Ankara in 1991 and "Başlalaşım-Yalnızlık (Transformation-Solitute) in TİTİ Gallery in Ankara in 1992, the Afsad locale in Ankara and Çukurova University in the same year and in the Afad Photo Club in Adana in 1992. The exhibition "Polaroid Images" was held in the Afad Locale in Adana in 1993 and he opened the first ever exhibition in Turkey of images formed in digital environment titled "Digital Images I" in 1994. "Digital Images I" was repeated in 1995 in the Kocaeli Industrial Fair and the State Museum of Painting and Sculpture in Ankara. " 24 Saat" (24 hour) was held in Ankara University Culture and Art Home (Anküsev) in 1999 in Ankara and in the same year in the Afad Locale in Adana. And once again he opened the firs ever exhibition in Turkey of image formed in Stereoscopic Camera (3D) titled "Üçüncü Boyut" (Third Dimension) in the Biritish Council Art Gallery in 2000 in Ankara. "Third Dimension was repeated in 2000 in the "Bursa Photo Days" in Bursa and in 2001 in the Afad Locale in Adana. The exhibition "Polaroid Images 2" was held in the Trabzon and FSK Photodays in Trabzon and Ankara in 2002.

Mr. Kuvanlık, has participated in a large number of collective exhibitions both at home and abroad. The many winner of many prizes in national and international competitions, Kuvanlık was awarded the title of artist of the year by the Ankara Association of Photographics Artists (Afsad) in 1989. He was also awarded first prize in State Photographic Competition in 1990 and 2000 and the second prize in the National Geographic Society/ Traveler Magazine 4th. Annual Photo Contest/USAmerica in 1992 and Cordoba/Spain Silver and Gold Medal in 1992-1994, Austrian Super Circuit/ Austria Honourable Mention in 1995 and the Şinasi Barutçu Cup/Turkey in 1996. In 1994-1995-1998 he took Golden Camera Awards by Afad/Adana.

His publications include the album,"Transformation-Solitute" Ankara/1992 and the exhibition booklets, "Digital Images-I" Ankara/1995 "24 Hour" Ankara/1999 and "Third Dimension" Ankara/2000

In 1995 he was awarded the title Artist-Fiap (A-Fiap) by the Federation Internationale de l'art Photographique (FIAP)

Mr.Kuvanlık, who regards photography not as an and in it self but as a means of expressing personal experience and emotion, specialises in Post-Modern, Computer asisted photography in Ankara.