Born in Ankara in1975. She had her primary and middle school and lycee education in Ankara. She was graduated from Social Sciences Department in Anatolia University Open Education Faculty.

She made acquintance with photography by the seminars at AFSAD (Ankara Photographic Artists Society) in1995. She attended memberships in Councils of Directory and directory posts at AFSAD whetre she became a member in1997.she attends the society's secretariat post.

In some domestic contests she participated in she won prizes and opportunities for exhibition. She took part in many mixed exhibitions and shows of dia. She opened her first personal exhibition bearing the name "From Nearby" in Ankara in 1999.

She took palce in the following positions:

In the Organization Comitee of the 5th Symposium on Photography organized by AFSAD in1997,
In the photograhing team of the exhibition "Living Ankara" which AFSAD produced with the support of the Ministry of Culture in between the years 1997-1999,
In phohotgraphing the 1st Ankara Culture and Art Festival of Ankara Directory of City Culture in 1998,
In the photographing team of GAP DOCUMENTARY which AFSAD organized in common with GAP Regional Development Administration in 1998 and 1999,
In the poster activity of "1999, Year of Oldish People" realized by General Directorate of Oldish People Services within the Association ofSocial Services and Children Protection in 1999,

She was of help in producing the album "For Whom We Lost" in 1999,

She participated in the photographing team the documentary "Altınoluk throughout the Four Seasons".

At the present time she pusrues her photographic activities at AFSAD.


Contact aydanadsaz@yahoo.com