Cengiz ENGİN  

Cengiz Engin was born in 1970, Ankara.
Graduated from TED Ankara College in 1987.
Studied Engineering Sciences between 1987 - 1990; and Industrial Engineering between 1990 - 1993 in Middle East Technical University. Was given the degree of Industrial Engineer in 1993.
Has been working as a Production Planning Chief Engineer in transformer production at Emek Electric Industries.

Met with photography in his university years at METU - Amateur Photography Society in 1992.
Before using photographic techniques, he used to make some paintings with charcoal, pastel and oil colour for years. Learned photographic darkroom techniques at this society and developed his skills in AFSAD - Ankara Artists of Photography Association. Became a member of that association in 1994.
In 1996, founded SFG - Boundless Photographers Group with 10 of his photographer friends as an attitude against all bounds anticipated in the artistic works.

Had some administrative responsibilities under AFSAD for several times, such as Executive Board Chairman, member of Executive Board, member of Audit Board and member of Advisory Council.

Had some organisational responsibilities as a member of AFSAD and SFG, of which major organisations were :
Member of Exhibition Committee of AFSAD- 14'th National Photography Exhibition - 1996 -
Member of the Photographic Team for GAP DOCUMENTARY which AFSAD organized togather with GAP Regional Development Administration - 1997 -
Volunteer Exhibition Responsible as a member of SFG with one of his friend at Sinema On - Monthly Photographic Exhibitions - 1997-1998
Member of Exhibition Committee of AFSAD- 16'th National Photography Exhibition - 1999 Curateur of AFSAD- 25'th Anniversary Exhibition - 2002 -

Participated a lot of collective exhibitions up today.
Opened his first personal exhibition titled "Ex" in İzmir at 1997, which had a theme abour loneliness, sadness, being an outsider and seeking the exit; and repeated once in Ankara.
His second exhibition named "Felis" at 1997 was about cats, emphasizing the similarities between the human kind and the cats both in esthetic and personality point of view.

Sees photography as a tool to express himself and likes to try different techniques on conventional photography. Works mostly on black and white, and also had some studies with colour and black and white infrared materials.

Teaches photography in various levels of Basic Education Seminars in AFSAD since 1996.
Carries on Advanced Workshop Studies in AFSAD since 2000.

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