Serra TOPAL  

I have born in 1980 in Ankara. I have completed my Primary Education in TED
Ankara Collge in 1998 and my Bachelor's Degree in GAZÝ University Mechanical
Engineering Department in 2002. Still I am a Master's Degree student in the
same university.

Since 1987, I have been seriously interessed in painting. I have insisted on
writing, too, in any form: poems, essays, stories.. Some of my essays were
published in Newspapers and magazines.

In 2000 January I have met with Black and White Photography. After
fulfilling the seminars, I have continued my interest as being an assistant
to the Photograph Seminars for nearly more than a year. I have more than 20
art work in Photographs of the Month Appreciations. I have joined Workshop
exhibitions and 25th Year Exhibition of AFSAD.

I believe that, Black and White Photography is the language which is the one
most likely to express my spirit's language.
Still I have the great desire and obsession for painting and taking