Ş.Uğur OKÇU  

Uğur OKÇU was given the degree of Mechanical Engineer, after the degree of Marine Engineer.
Worked for 15 years as the Marine Engineer.
Travelled to 57 countries. Stayed in Nigeria for a period of 3 years. Worked at M/T BENSAN (Acid Tanker), M/T DENSAN (Acid Tanker), M/T GÜN (Chemical Tanker), M/V NECAT-A (Bulk Carrier), M/V DENBULK (Bulk Carrier) vessels of DENSAN Maritime Inc. and at M/T OTTOMAN (Chemical Tanker) vessel of GÜNGEN Maritime Inc. Currently being employed as the Marine Chief Engineer.

Started taking photographs in 1990. In the year 1991, published Turkey/Alanya-Antalya Guidebook in 4 different languages with all the photographs taken by himself. Became a member of AFSAD (Ankara Association of Photography Artists) in 1993, member of FSK (Institution of Photography Arts) in 1995 and member of FOTOGEN (Association for the Photography Arts) in 1996. Furthermore, in 1996, founded SFG Boundless Photographers Group with 10 of his photographer friends as an attitude against all bounds anticipated in the artistic works. Is also a founder of the Blue Pyramid 7557 Photographers' Group. Is an outstanding member of GESAM (Vocational Union for The Performers of Fine Arts in Turkey).

Finalized his works that he has started in 1993 on photograph techniques, by making some modifications in the mechanical part of the camera and resulting in a photograph technique which he names as "Scanograph". This camera technically modified by him was granted the Functional Model Patent by the Turkish Patents Institute under the name "Scanograph" (graphical scanning). Has also given this name to the photographs taken by this technique.

Opened his first personal exhibition titled "Movement" comprised of the photographs produced by using the Scanograph technique on November 14, 1995 during the 11th IFSAK Istanbul Photography Days. Later on, this exhibition was repeated once in Ankara, once in İzmir and once more in Istanbul, respectively. Moreover, another exhibition comprised of photographs taken by this technique was realised in Italy, Belgium and Finland through PAN HORAMA (Finland). Participated in mixed photograph exhibitions prepared by the Boundless Photographers Group. Opened the photograph exhibition "5 Turkish Photographers" together with Ersin Alok, Ayhan Erolgil, Yzzet Keribar and Cengiz Karlyova in 1997 at Istanbul Exclusive Art Center. "Movement" which is the second virtual photograph exhibition of Turkey and "5 Turkish Photographers" exhibitions are continuously being displayed on the Internet.

In the second half of 1998, has taken the photograph of the 2 minute 46 second pitch of the battery solo of the Rock music song named IN-A-GADDA-DA-VIDA performed by the Iron Butterfly Group by using 135 mm slide film (slide size: 24 mm * 640 mm) and by integrating SINESTEZI and SCANOGRAPH photography technique.

In 1999, his name and his works were recorded in the book of "Turkish Plastic Artists" (Encyclopedic dictionary) written by Kaya Özsezgin. (Yapı Kredi Publication - Page: 355 - 356)

In 1999, his name and his works were recorded in the book "A Fragment of the Contemporary Turkish Art" (GESAM - Page:186)

In 1999, his life and works were mentioned in "Photography in Turkey" written by Engin Özendes (Page:292 - 293)

In 2000, his name and his works were recorded in the book of "FSK Photographic Album"

Is the one who brought about the idea and who created FOTOGRAFYA, the first VIRTUAL PHOTOGRAPHY magazine of Turkey. The first FASHION catalogue of ?. Uğur Okçu who is also the photograph editor of AdaNET, an Internet service provider, was published in 1998 with the name Ci-Winter collection. The photographs of this collection were published in issues Number 3 and 4 and Volume 9 of the Pakistan edition of the MEN's CLUB magazine.

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